Cuddyer on 15 day DL

cuddyer.jpg    Michael Cuddyer left last nights game with dislocated finger. It now turns out that he will be on the 15 day DL. It really is a shame to see one of the teams leaders put on the DL so soon in the season. Hopefully Jason Kubel will be able to fill in for him and Denard Span will also do well as he has been called up to take his place on the team for now.


Carlos Gomez

37539730_Yankees_v_Twins_article.jpg    Well I must say that I was a little skeptical of his ability when he came over to the Twins this off season. Mostly because he was acquired in the Santana trade which I still am upset about. But Gomez has turned out to be a very solid player for the Twins I haven’t seen this type of speed for the Twins since Christian Guzman. I think all Twins fans remember Guzman for two things, his speed, and how every time he was up to bat the crowd would shout GUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAANNNNNNN. Good days.

    But back to Gomez, he has a 4.50 average, 4 stolen bases, and 4 of the Twins 12 runs this season. In couple of years, who knows. He may have been worth Santana.

Twins Win!

Yes!! We have won. I have got to say that I was a little nervous about yesterday’s game, it seemed that the Royals were surging sweeping the Tigers, who were going to win the division. I thought we played well, our bats were great. It seemed like right after I wrote about the Piranahs of 2006, they played like them. It was blooper after blooper and it was fun to watch. But with a win, comes a loss. Michael Cuddyer suffered an injury to his finger and left the game. Hopefully he will be back soon. 

The Piranhas to the gold fish?



 I think most of us baseball fans, not just Twins fans remember the 2006 season Minnesota Twins or the “Little Piranhas” that took the league by storm, we two hard throwing pitchers in Johan Santana and Fransisco Liriano, an MVP in Justin Mourneau, a batting champion in Joe Mauer, a gold glove centerfielder that was nicknamed “Spiderman”, and reliable hitters at the end and the beginning of the lineup. But what has happened in the year and a half since then? Those days seem sooo sooo long ago. We have gone to the little guys that can beat you, to the little guys. It was a great feeling of community up here with the “Smell Em” T-shirts everywhere, and the state was Twin crazy.

    If you think about it though who’s left? Hunter, Santana, Castillo and Stewart have all moved on. Players like Nick Punto have played very disappointingly. Liriano still has not come back to from injury and sadly never may be what he had the potential to be. Players like Lew Ford, Jeff Cirillo, and Jason Tyner seemed to not even be in the league anymore. 

    So how can a team go from first to almost last so soon? I ask myself often. I know form talking to other fans such as myself that they feel the same. I will always love the Twins, but sometimes I just need to vent.

Slowey injured, Torii homers.

    Today was another disappointing loss for the Twins and this time on of our key starters ,Kevin Slowey was injured and forced to leave the game in the 4th inning. Once again it seemed we came close to catching up, but obviously the Angels are the better of the two teams. It was nice to see Hunter hist a homer, but it was the difference for this game, so in a way it wasn’t the best thing. We really need to try and get our bats moving, we did finally get a home run on the score sheet off of Jason Kubel, and Joe Mauer looked like his 2006 self. I hope we can turn it around against the Royals this weekend.

Blackburn Plays Well.


Well yesterday was another disappointing loss for the Twins, I didn’t think that we played particularly well, but neither did the Angels. It seemed to be one of those games where the pitchers just batted it out for the win, and unfortunately Nick Blackburn makes one mistake and that was the game. To be fair it may have been more of a mistake by Mike Redmond who took the place of Joe Mauer for a day. I thought Blackburn played very well for someone with almost no experience in the major league level. But so did Joe Saunders who looks like he will step up to be a good pitcher for the Angels, while most of their starters are on the DL. I was impressed with a couple of very good fielding plays especially the play where it seemed like Punto floated in the air while making a great throw to first. But our hitting still hasn’t picked up, we still haven’t even hit a home run this season. But there is still 159 games left this year, and I think that could possibly be enough time to turn it around.

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